Guide Napoleons Egyptian Campaigns 1798-1801

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La campagne d'Egypte. Band 3. Bonaparte in Egypt. Heft 7: Revue de l'Histoire Napoleonienne.

About Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns 1798–1801

Heft La campagne d'Egypte en mer. The French Army of the Orient Napoleons beloved "Egyptians". Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt. The British Army in Egypt An Underrated Army Comes of Age. The Napoleonic Mediterranean. Enlightment, Revolution and Empire.

Band 1: The French Army. For the later battles in the campaign come and see us at Carronade 10 May and Albanich 5 July wargame shows. The Armies The French Army of the Orient was organised as the standard revolutionary army with infantry in 15 Demi-Brigades of around men supported by two regiments of light cavalry and five of Dragoons. Artillery included a siege train, 72 field guns and 24 howitzers. On embarkation the army was equipped in the uniforms of the period but conditions in Egypt soon forced changes. These included a black leather peaked cap for the infantry called the "petits-casquettes" together with lightweight cotton or linen tunics.

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These changes were confirmed in the Kleber Ordance of that resulted in a variety of colourful uniforms. Specialist units included the Regiment de Dromedaires and locally raised forces from the Greek and Coptic communities together with some Mamelukes and even Janissaries. The chief opponents of the French were the Mamelukes. These included the flamboyant Mameluke horse, together with local Ottoman forces including Janissaries and Sipahis. They would be supported by Bedouin Arabs from the desert tribes and mobs of fellahin some armed with little more than clubs. Ottoman invasion forces included the usual Sipahis horse and Janissaries together with Albanian and Moroccan infantry.

The Wargame The wargame figures in this display game are 28mm figures mostly from the Old Glory and Dixon ranges. Other figures are from Trent Miniatures and a new range from Britannia. The Nile Flotilla is a bit of a challenge, but the ships boat from Redoubt adds an interesting element to the battles around the Nile.

The rules are Principles of War. We use the brigade scale in the Napoleonic version for the larger battles such as the Pyramids. For smaller actions each unit becomes a battalion or even a company. Campaigns in Egypt Napoleon landed near Alexandria on 1 July and immediately began the advance towards Cairo.

Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns 1798-1801

The first major battle of the campaign took place four miles from Cairo near the Pyramids on 21 July. The Mameluke cavalry hurled itself at the French but the divisional "squares" held firm. Bon's division deployed into attack columns and captured the fortified village of Embabeh. Syrian Campaign Early in Napoleon decided to invade Syria included modern day Palestine, Jordan and Isreal with an army of 13, men. After partial breaches he organised nine major assaults between 28 March and 10 May without success. In April the Pasha of Damascus sought to relieve the siege with an army of 30, men joined by more than 7, mountain men from Nablus and Arab volunteers.

General Kleber at Nazareth received intelligence that the Army of Damascus was encamped below Mount Tabor and marched to meet them. Meanwhile Napoleon judged that Kleber had taken on too much so marched to his relief. Forming into three squares he swept through the Ottoman camp causing panic. At this moment Kleber counterattacked and the Army of Damascus fled. With the failure of the the final assault at Acre and news of a planned invasion of Egypt from Rhodes, Napoleon withdrew from Acre on 14 May.

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  • After a grinding march back across the Sinai Desert he arrived back in Cairo on 14 June. The campaign cost the French 4, casualties from action or disease. You can add CMS content such as sizing guide or videos to enhance product detail. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart.

    Napoleon On The Nile: Soldiers, Artists, And The Rediscovery Of Egypt

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    Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign (1798-1801)